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Museum Studies
University of Mississippi


Museum Studies Courses


The minor in Museum Studies in an interdisciplinary course of study introducing students to museum history and practice. Students can explore career paths in museums, public history, and public humanities.

Course Requirements

The interdisciplinary Museum Studies minor consists of 18 hours, including Muse 201 or AH 412, 4 approved electives chosen from the list below, and one internship course (3 hours) approved by the director. At least 2 elective courses must be outside of the student’s major discipline(s). The same course may not satisfy requirements for both a major and a minor. Students who complete relevant internship, study abroad, or special topics courses must consult with the director prior to enrollment in the course. A minimum grade of C is required for all courses that apply to the minor.

Approved Electives

AH 412. History of Museums
ART 414. Exhibition Design
ANTH 413. Public Archaeology
ANTH 375/CLC 375: Digital Archaeology
CLC 360. Archaeological and Museum Ethics
CLC 415. Studying Ancient Artifacts
HST 460. Public History
HST 461. History on Location
HST 463. Public History Practicum
HST 465. Digital History
Muse 199. Introductory Topics in Museum Studies
Muse 201. Introduction to Museum Practice (offered every fall)
Muse 301. Fundraising for Museums
Muse 395. Topics in Museum Studies
Muse 398. Topics in Museum Studies Abroad
SST 110. Slavery and the University
SST 556. Heritage Tourism in the South

Internship Courses

Muse 401. Internship/Practicum in Museum Studies
AH 308. Art History Internship
CLC 401. Internship in Classics
HST 463. Public History Practicum
HST 493. Undergraduate History Internship